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N1 Tachometer Investigations, Part 1 May 13, 2011

Posted by phoenixcomm in DIY Aircraft Cockpit, Flight Simulation, Tachometer.

Well I just got in two tachs, and I have to take a look at them, to see what makes them tic. They where made by GE, for the DC-10. Part number 8DJ176LZD2.

  1. First thing is to is to look at the back, there are 3 screws that hold it together, so lets remove them.
  2. Remove the white retainer ring along with the data plate.
  3. Remove the black rubber gasket.
  4. Gently bend back the retainer tabs.
  5. Remove the Mode Selector knob on the front of the unit.
  6. Slide the guts out of the container.

Wow, I just lucked out, a repair station just sent me the maintenance manual.  It covers repair, calibration, parts, pin out, block diagrams and the schematics.

More Later.

I sent my bud Curd, my docs for my N1 gauge Curd has the L-1011 Project. So here are a few of his pages….


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