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MSI 880GM-E43 Motherboard Ethernet problems June 7, 2011

Posted by phoenixcomm in Ethernet, Motherboard, Software, Windows 7 Ultimate, XP-pro.

Well this is my main development computer, and was running XP-Pro, I got nailed with a problem that only showed up in BitComet as my pointer changed to an hourglass. My motherboard is a MSI 880GM-E43. After reloading XP my Ethernet adapter kept on saying that the Ethernet cable was unplugged! Ok so, I reloaded it again, hey maybe I messed up. Same thing. Ok out of shear desperation I loaded System 7 Ultimate.
Guss what? Same thing it said that the Ethernet cable was still unplugged. I changed the port on the switch, and 4 cables. Nothing still unplugged!
One of my buds said that I should try and change the Network Adapter’s Configuration. I changed the Speed & Duplex to 10 Mbps Full Duplex and the problem was solved. Apparently my motherboard took a dump.
After a Call to MSI they said that they would send me a advance replacement and put a hold on my Credit Card, and sending me out a new motherboard tomorrow.



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