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Circuit Breakers August 27, 2011

Posted by phoenixcomm in Flight Simulation, Power Systems.


Problem: We all need Circuit Breakers in the cockpit. But wait, they are too big, too heavy, too much current, or the simulated ones are relay controlled and they want big bucks for them.

Solution: Use the real thing, and you can find them on ebay for cheap. OK now you want to blow them from the computer right? Simple! Wire a SCR to one side of the breaker, and power to the other side of the breaker, now the other side of the SCR should go to ground, and the SCR’s gate to a decoder..

DIY Circuit Breaker

USE: So in other words, put a little voltage on the gate, and the CB blows, and can not be reset! Take off the voltage on the gate and then the user can reset the breaker

HOW THIS WORKS: When the Circuit Breaker is on or in, the power goes to the equipment and the nothing will go to ground as the SCR is OFF.
When the Circuit Breaker is off or out, there is no power anyway.
When you want to Blow the Circuit Breaker, you would applying a small voltage to the trigger line you will turn on the SCR, and the equipment line will go to ground and Blow the Circuit Breaker.  Remember that you must maintain the trigger voltage or the SCR will reset.

WORD OF CAUTION: Make sure that your SRC current rating is 20% bigger than the breakers rating.  And bolt the SCR(s) down to a chunk of Aluminum, as they will get hot..


PS you can use realy small C.B. like 1/4 amp or so, pop off the top and
make your own on your laser printer……



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