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A Physics Lesson: or what you can get away with on television commercials. – part 1 October 22, 2011

Posted by phoenixcomm in Boeing 727, Flight Simulation, Nissan Frontier Commercial.

I just saw a commercial the other day where this a Nissan Frontier pickup truck puts a Boeing 727 nose wheel in the bed. Ok. So ask first, what is the truck’s MAXIMUM PAYLOAD? The MVW is only 1500lbs.

So you ask; how is this possible?

Using weigh tables, a light Boeing 727 could land as low as 104 knots (119.5mph)[we think the truck would have problems getting up to speed, not to mention intercepting the jet and  then getting the nose gear and bed lined up], with no load, and flaps out.  A Boeing 727 has pair of 32×11.5, 12 ply tires weighing 61 lbs each plus the wheel axle, front steering gear for a not so small weight of 327lb .

Well you could ‘rig’ this by rear-loading the aircraft so you have one to several hundred pounds on the nose gear.
You will notice that the dust the truck kicks up after the truck and not in line with the truck tires.
Keep checking back where not done with this horse yet…..


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