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IS THIS A SIM (game)?


This is not a game (it could be adapted easily)
This is the cockpit of my experimental airplane.

We are using real flight control computers. I.E. every thing in the cockpit is a copy of the real thing. And it works!


If this where Boeing or Grumman it would be called a fixed based cockpit. This intern would be connected to what we call an iron maiden, which is a structure to hold and test all of the actuators and linkages.
My iron maiden is not iron (2×4, plywood & uni-strut) and it can only hold one actuator at a time. It was really fun trying to test the landing gear & the doors..

This whole thing is called closed-loop simulation.
It goes something like this:

1. Pick some point in space: LAT, LON.
2. pick an aircraft attitude: PITCH, ROLL, YAW, ALT.
3. Start both SIM & Flight Computer at that place
4. Display out the window with FS and the Flight Computer Instructs Gauges etc.
5. Pilot generates inputs (Stick, Rudder, Throttle, Flaps, Gear, etc.) to the Flight Computer and FADEC or Full Authority Digital Engine Control; The Flight Computer and FADEC outputs to Gauges, Engines, Iron Maiden (opt).
6. Flight Sim takes all the outputs from Flight Computer and the FADEC; and Moves Gyro Table (this device simulates by accelerations vectors what the plane is doing in real time.) Also note that the Gyro Table is a major input to the Flight Computer, it is the only thing that tell the planes Flight Computer what the planes attitude is. It is also output to the ADI.
7. until out of gas, crash, etc.
8. Go Back to #4, Display, again, again, again, again, etc.

We are using a software flight sim to fool our flight data computers or FDC.
The FDC is a group of three (3)  VME, Single Bord Computers,  in a redundant configuration, for flight control.

We have designed an built or own FADEC, Full-Authority Digital Engine Control units for our engines. They are based on a Ford module for fuel injected engines. Each unit can control one engine normally but in case of a failure one unit can control both engines.

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