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Getting Windows XP Pro SP3 running under Windows 7 with VirtualBox May 6, 2012

Posted by phoenixcomm in Ventura Publisher, Virtual Box, Windows 7 Ultimate, XP-pro.
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Well as this project get bigger my need for documentation grows bigger as well. It seems that all I have been doing lately is writing and writing.. Well my first choice for my editor was Open Office or Libre Office.  But I was having problems with paragraph numbering and indention. It is not consistent.  So in my search for a better editor I found Scribus, but that does not support paragraph numbering at all. And more over neither dealt with the concept of frames. As a long time user of Ventura Publisher, first published by Xerox and them by Correl. Correl never upgraded Ventura for Vista  or the Windows 7 environments, and stopped with Version 10. I tried to get it to run in Compatibility Mode, but it would not run consistently.

So I had Virtual Box loaded on my Windows 7 box, so we are off to the races.  First I need to mount a XP image in my CD-Rom.  Then I had to tell Virtual Box that I wanted a new OS, pick my memory size, make the new drive in Virtual Box, Power on the virtual machine, and watch the system load just like on a new machine. The whole install took less than 15 minutes from start to finish. So here, what follows,  is a step by step guide:

  1. Open the VM VirtualBox manager and select NEW.
  2. Type in the name of your OS: XP Pro SP3 
  3. Change your Base Memory Size: for XP I like 512 Mb.
  4. With the Start-up Disk checked and the Create new hard disk selected click next.
  5. Leave VDI selected and click next.
  6. Pick Dynamic or Fixed Size and click next.
  7. Pick the location and size I need about 30GB and click next.
  8. Review your choices and click Create.
  9. Ok get a cup of coffee or a coke.
  10. Mount your copy of Windows.
  11. Click the power button on the Manager.
  12. And let it install just like you where doing it on a new machine…


AFTER THOUGHT:  Install Ventura Publisher and get back to work..


  1. Open the VM VirtualBox manager and select Shared Folders.
  2. On the right hand box right click on Machine Folders and then click on Add Shared Folder.
  3. Enter the complete Folder Path and Folder Name.
  4. click on Auto-mount and Make Permanent, and then ok.
  • Your Windows 7 files now show up in Windows XP under your network places.

MSI 880GM-E43 Motherboard Ethernet problems June 7, 2011

Posted by phoenixcomm in Ethernet, Motherboard, Software, Windows 7 Ultimate, XP-pro.
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Well this is my main development computer, and was running XP-Pro, I got nailed with a problem that only showed up in BitComet as my pointer changed to an hourglass. My motherboard is a MSI 880GM-E43. After reloading XP my Ethernet adapter kept on saying that the Ethernet cable was unplugged! Ok so, I reloaded it again, hey maybe I messed up. Same thing. Ok out of shear desperation I loaded System 7 Ultimate.
Guss what? Same thing it said that the Ethernet cable was still unplugged. I changed the port on the switch, and 4 cables. Nothing still unplugged!
One of my buds said that I should try and change the Network Adapter’s Configuration. I changed the Speed & Duplex to 10 Mbps Full Duplex and the problem was solved. Apparently my motherboard took a dump.
After a Call to MSI they said that they would send me a advance replacement and put a hold on my Credit Card, and sending me out a new motherboard tomorrow.

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