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Dual Throttle Quadrant

Description I have had the Suncom SFS Dual Throttle since I purchased the Combo Crate. It is modeled after the A-10 Wart Hog.  Suncom has since gone out of business but if you need there software you can download it here.
The Analysis   This unit has a game-port 15 pin interface, and a interface to the keyboard as well for the buttons on the base. With the base removed, as well as the two pc boards (put all this in the scrap pile), you will end up with  2 x 100k sliders, and two cables, one with a small white 5 pin connector and the other you have a 11 pin black header.

Connector/pin Color Switch Description
White 1 Brown
White 2 Red
White 3 Orange
White 4 Yellow
White 5 Green
Black 1 Brown
Black 2 Red
Black 3 Orange
Black 4 Yellow
Black 5 Green
Black 6 Blue
Black 7 Purple
Black 8 Gray
Black 9 White
Black 10 Black
Black 11 Brown

The Plan I think that I will use Leo Bondar’s BU0836A Joystick Controller.



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