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Radio/Intercom System

We are now designing a radio/intercom system. This system will support up to 20 channels of audio, each one is separately controlled and the intercom head (Boeing 757) can be daisy chained to other intercom heads, and with outputs to cockpit recorder(option). The following inputs have volume controls and on/off switches:

There are also the following controls:

There is an input for aural warnings (computer-controlled), such as master warning, stall, etc.
The Master Unit also has Smart Card. It will automatically log you into you voice bots, and has system serial number etc. all you need is a Ethernet cable and a 4 pin Molex power connector and away you go. Our first unit will have Boeing Pin Outs and Cables. so just buy the boxes, wire them up and you are live. Our Second unit will look like the same thing but will have all the boxes connected together via USB cables… Plus power and your network cable.



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