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Gables 4390 Radio Control Head

This is my Gables 4390, 5 in 1, Radio Control Head. It is comprised of 2 Nav heads and 3 Comm heads which only 2 of them are active and the other is standby. The Control Head there for has 4 interfaces, which are ARINC-410. I wish to thank Gables Engineering for suppling me with the pin outs.

The Analysis    Each head has 5 outputs of 5 wires each, IE: Tens, Units, Frac Tenths, Frac Hundreds, Frac Thousands. This means I need 25 wires per head or 100 wires. There are also various outputs and inputs for each head as well, IE: power, dial lights, etc. with a little work, and some TTL logic, I can get all this down to 2 bytes, 1 byte input and 1 byte output.

The Plan   Thats the easy part. I don’t plan on modifying the Control Head. I am going to build a cable from the Control Head to a wire wrap interface. I will use a tri-state buffer, 74ls126, to build a buss. Every Control Head output must have 100k ohm resister to pull up the line.  I am going to try to use a Arduino Duemilanove or a Devasys USB-I2CIO interface card.



1. radio control - May 3, 2011

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