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Simulator Inventory System

Here is a list of all of our part that we have on hand for the flight simulator. This is an active list, and therefore it will change from time to time

Name Part No. Ser No. Manufacture System Date Weight
Indicator, Engine, N1 4864K72P001 P0078 GE
Indicator, Engine, N1 4864K72P001 GE
Indicator, Course, HSI 331A-7 93 Collins
Indicator, Director, Attitude 329B-8U
3 Collins
Indicator, Vertical Speed SLZ9145 VY4776D Teledyne
Indicator, Airspeed, 60 – 400Kn B0202 81905 742 Astek
Indicator, Course Deviation ID-249A/ARN AF5338 Bendix
Radio, Control, ADF 614L-8
8384 Collins RSS
Radio, Control, COMM, Dual G4214 68 Gables RSS
Radio, Control, VHF / NAV G3717 61 Gables RSS
Radio, Control, 5 in 1 G43908 31 Gables RSS
Display, Control – CDU 313H-1 92 Collins 17.7
Display, Nav Control – CDU CP-1252 proto Internal NAV


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