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Flight Sim Software

Problems with Current flight simulators

Next Gen flight Simulator.

Pilot/ Auto pilot are really two systems:

  1. The pilot and the controls: Stick, throttles, Rudder, Gear, etc.
  2. Auto pilot system (optional)
Flight Dynamics Model This box does calculations on:

Navigation Model This box does calculations on:

Navigation Management / Displays needs the following information when starting (maybe more)

Out The Window(s) Sub-System The Display Frame of Referance is a 3-D Cartesian (orthogonal right-handed) corrdinate system ( x, y, z ), and whose origin is defined as the pilot’s eye which is a vector in the Aircraft Frame of Rreferance.

21MAY08 Radios / Radar Build the Radio Stack of your dreams. Turn the knob, or click the mouse.
This could be its own processor. It has four functions:1. Voice Messages should be VOIP
2. It passes both simulated, and live messages between you the pilot and other planes, tower, control, etc.
3. It filters messages out that are not tuned-in or out-of-range
4. It passes messages to HSI, DME, etc for flying the needles Out the window stuff Out the window should be its own processor, it just listens to system messages. Therefore you could have lots of displays and one computer.. No more computers just for displays.



1. Claus - December 7, 2014

To get a complete functional system where you never run out of CPU power, the simulator program should to be built up of several subprograms which can be disconnected to save CPU resources.
This means that you have a menu in where you can choose which part of the program that should be active, you can select which task each PC performs.
Master: Here is all weather and flight data, and it is here that the flight is conducted.
Panels: This PC uses only CPU resources to show the plane’s gauges/panels.
Scenery: This or these PCs generate the visual surrounding terrain to be seen from the cockpit.
I/O: This PC controls all inputs, outputs and sound.
If you select all the functions in the menu then you can simulate on a single PCs.
Instructor: Instructor PC were you can simulate faults, push back, ground power etc.
Dont forget that clouds and AI traffic should be synchronized on all PCs
All PCs are connected via network.

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